Ocean Snacks

Octopus and Sea Shell Soup

Ingredients:*Hotdogs (the fattest you can find) *Small pasta shells* Butter or Margarine


1. Slice the hotdogs lenghtwise to within 1″ from the end

2. Keep slicing the hotdog until you have about 4-8 “legs”

3. Boil shells according to package directions

4. About 4 minutes before the pasta is done put the hotdogs in the boiling water

5. When completely cooked drain well

6. Toss shells with butter or margarine and serve with the hotdogs

7. The hotdogs will curl up and look just like an octopus!!

Have Fun and Enjoy!

Shells and Sand

Boil shell macaroni until tender, drain, have children add butter or margerine and then add parmesan cheese. Shells and sand. The children love it and it’s nutritious too.

Aquarium Snacks

This is tons of fun, easy, and yummy, too!!! Prepair blueberry jello as stated on the package. Pour the blueberry jello into clear, see-thru plastic cups (the kind that they serve mixed drinks in at parties). In each cup of jello, put in several gummy fishies. Put all the cups in the refrigerator and cool until set. This has always been a favorite with my kiddo’s!

Seaweed…… Yum?

This should not be used as your primary snack LOL!!!! Go to an Oriental market and buy several types of products made from seaweed. You can even buy seaweed dried! Let the children taste the different seaweed products. Talk about how it tastes, where it comes from, etc.



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