Ocean Snacks

You’ll need pretzel rods (the long fat ones). They will be your fishing pole. Dip them in peanut butter (bait) and catch a goldfish cracker. The kids love to go fishing and the combination tastes good too.

Tuna FishToast Bread/English muffin and cut out with fish cookie cutter. Spread tuna fish mixture over the shape and add an olive cut in half for the eye. Enjoy!

Star Fish Cookies

Use a star shape cookie cutter to cut a star shape from sugar cookie dough. Bake and when the cookies are ALMOST done sprinkle with sesame seeds, place back in the oven and bake until cookies are done.

Octopus Rice Krispy Treats

Mix the rice krispy treats as usual. Press into small ball shapes, I used a cookie dough shaper. Cut string licorice to make 8 legs, press into bottom of rice krispies balls. You can make eyes with many different things, mini m&m’s, cake sprinkle decorations, etc.


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