Ocean Snacks

Fish Bowls and Aquariums

Tint some cream cheese light blue. Tint some vanilla frosting light blue. Let the children spread the cream cheese on the Ritz crackers and stick on a few goldfish crackers…”fishbowls”! Spread the frosting on graham squares and add goldfish (you can find them in graham flavor, too) for “fish tanks”. If you are really ambitious, use colored or chocolate sprinkles on the bottom for pebbles, crushed grahams for sand or coconut tinted green for seaweed. Serve with glasses of “ocean water” (blue Kool-aid.)

Marshmallow Octopus

Need: large marshmallows, licorice twist that you peel

Give each child a large marshmallow and a piece of licorice to peel. (Twizzlers once peeled has nine pieces.) Be sure the children count eight legs – poke the licorice into the marshmallow – eat!

After sorting and graphing Pepperidge Farm fish crackers that come in different flavors for your math activity, have the children eat their fish crackers. Also, provide different types of fish for the children to eat as a snack. Ex: tuna fish, sardines, fish sticks, etc. Be sure to provide crackers with the fish, and don’t forget the ketchup and tartar sauce! When all else fails, make Knox blocks Jell-O cut into fish shapes with a fish shape cookie cutter.

Make blue Jell-O and add the new Dole* pineapple Sea Creatures shapes. Pour into individual plastic dessert cups.

Going Fishing…Pretzel sticks the thicker ones not the thin pretzel sticks…peanut butter and gold fishes the crackers… use the pretzel stick as the fishing pole and dip it in peanut butter and then dip into a cup of goldfishes…pull it out and there you go you have gone fishing..kids love it b/c it is something interactive..food/playing= great fun

Fill a celery stick with cream cheese or cheez whiz and then use triangle crackers (there are several brands that make small triangle shaped ones.) for sails to make a boat.


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