Ocean Snacks

“Little Lobsters”

You will need a lobster cookie cutter (found at specialty cooking stores or Martha Stewart?), red or orange tortillas (sun-dried tomato flavor usually) and peanut butter or cheese for traditional quesadilla. Spread the p.b. or melt the cheese on one tortilla and top with a second, then cut out with cookie cutter. Serve on a blue round platter with a bowl of gold fish or fish-shaped pineapple.

We make hot dogs into octopi (octopus). Use a whole hot dog for each child. Before cooking slice one end of the hotdog parallel about 1/2 way up. Do this again-so that you have 4 legs. Then cut those each in 1/2 and you end up with 8legs! Boil hotdogs and the arms curl up looking like an octopus!

Melt marshmallows in a pan, add blue food coloring to make the “water”. Give the children a graham cracker, craft stick and some blue “water”. Have them spread and add goldfish crackers.

We had a “fish market” buffet for lunch one day. To cut down on costs, I put out a parent sign up sheet for food items. The children served their own plates buffet style and had trays of sample size seafood items to choose from: tuna, crab and salmon on crackers, little cups of clam chowder and oyster stew, fish sticks, shrimp, even calamari rings! We also offered bread, vegetables, and fruit to round out the meal. We talked about likes and dislikes as we ate and made “yum & yuck” graphs afterwards!

Tint cream cheese with blue food coloring (for the water) Spread it onto a plate and swirl it around to look like waves. Place fish or whale crackers around to look like they are swimming.

Ocean scene: You need: 1 tortilla per child cream cheese with blue food coloring added 1 round cracker per child goldfish crackers sprouts (for seaweed)

Have each child ask for their own ingredients by providing clues (what shines in the sky during the day….what did we use?). Also talk about where you will put each item…..The water is at the bottom of the tortilla, the sun is at the top, the fish are in the water. Great activity for developing language concepts and vocabulary as well as following directions.


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