Ocean Science

I like to put dried whole seaweed in our water table. I buy it from a Japanese grocery store. Once wet, the seaweed feels like it never left the ocean! Plus the water table smell like the ocean.

In the sand table, Add a large jar of gold glitter, and sea shells. Your Munchkins will think that they are at the beach, even in the middle of the winter! Surfs up!

While exploring our class ocean unit, I blow up some small latex balloons, draw eyes, fish fins and scales with permanent marker and toss them into the water table. The children practice scooping the balloons in small fish nets (which you can buy anywhere fish are sold). This really helps the younger children to be gentle, because they don’t want to pop the balloons (I mean fish)!

Water Table

The children love this activity! What I do is cut fish and starfish shapes from sponges and put them in the water table! The children have a great time making the fish swim, squeezing the water from the sponges, and “taking care of their fish.” Sensory Center: Sand Table

The children also love this activity as well! I put about 20 seashells in the

Wave Bottles – Using a plastic soda bottle (any size) you can make waves right in your classroom! Fill the bottle half way with water that has been tinted with blue food coloring. Next fill the bottle the rest of the way with vegetable oil. Secure the bottle’s cap tightly. Children can create and investigate waves by tipping and tilting the bottle!


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