Ocean Fun

Octopi – Take a large sheet of construction paper (any color) starting at the bottom edge have children cut strips across the paper stopping about half way up. Next, have them draw circles on strips to make tentacles. Children can add a face to the upper portion that is not cut. Staple the edges of the paper together to form a cylinder and you have an octopus windsock that can be hung from the classroom ceiling!

Use sea life puppets to role play the differences between fish and mammals that live in the sea. Especially to dramatize the breathing methods of fish and mammals.

Fish for name tags at planning time. Attach small magnet to planning name tags. Attach a magnet to string on small fishing pole and fish for next turn to plan.

Pirates come to visit as we make a ship with the building blocks complete with Jolly Roger and a plank! Children make hats and eye patches; and we have a treasure chest that has been made from a box – has a cellophane window and we put an item of interest in each day.

Wearing the pirate hats and eye patches children make we go on a treasure hunt in the sandpit: digging up old junky jewelry and gold painted stones.


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