Ocean Fun

For a bulletin that goes with an ocean life theme, get a fishing net. Hang the fishing net over a blue background on your bulletin board. Place large plastic sea animals in the net by tangling them in. This makes a nice 3rd-dimensional bulletin board.

Have the children sponge paint a seashore mural, half sand and half water. Then, have them draw something at the seashore and glue in the appropriate space. Take post-it tape and let them label their object on the mural.

I love to decorate my ceiling to look like an ocean. Using different colored strips of crepe paper hang them from the ceiling (about a foot long). Then placing the animals you make jelly fish, crabs, etc. among your coral.

Add some Easter grass & plastic sea animals to water play. The Easter grass feels very much like seaweed.

In preparation for my Under the Sea unit, I got blue and tan crepe paper. I cut 6-8 in. strips of all the crepe paper (2 tan & 6 blue). Then I attached them to the ceiling so they were hanging down. 1/4 of ceiling tan for the beach and 3/4 blue for the water. Hang strings with paper clips throughout the crepe paper. This makes a wonderful display area for our art projects. The look is great!!!!!


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