Ocean Fun

Each child is given 2 pieces of paper shaped like fish. Explain to the students that the fish they are going to make are very special fish that only eat words that begin with the letter “f” or the “f-f-f” sound. Make sure to phrase it that way and not say that the fish only eats f-words or you’ll get some colorful answers! Once the class has brainstormed the words the students use a crayon to copy the words onto their fish. Once they have completed this they can paint over their fishes with a mixture of tempra paint and water (use 3-4 different colors for variety). You will still be able to see the words they have printed and when they dry staple the two sides together and stuff with newspaper and hang from the ceiling! I do this with kindergarten students and they love the writing the words that begin with f on their fish.

During an ocean unit I did this in my housekeeping/dress-up area:

I hung streamers around the area to give it a special divide from the rest of the room. Then I hung up a sign that said “Seafood Cafe”. I made the area into a restaurant, provided menus, bibs, bills, money, cash register, pencils, and seafood. It was a wonderful time for them to pretend they were patrons, wait staff, dishwashers. Very fun addition 😉

Sand Dough is a great activity to have out instead of Play dough while you are studying the Ocean The recipe is as follows: 4 cups clean sand 3 cups flour 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1 cup water Mix sand and flour. Add syrup, oil and water. If needed add more water for desired texture. The children love this sand dough.

For an under the ocean theme use a large appliance box. Turn this on its’ side to aide the making of a submarine. Cardboard sheets with small boxes, tubes and plastic lids attached creates an onboard computer area. Add flippers, snorkels, wet suits also. An octopus made from old stockings can sit in the area guarding a treasure chest or holding books to share with the children about the ocean.

fill the outside trough with water – may be colored slightly add a good amount of fish weed from the pet shop place decorative glass beads, polished stones, etc for the children to find as treasure.

Excellent activity to calm aggressive children


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