Ocean Fun

Let each child choose an ocean animal necklace and they participate during the day according to their necklaces. Seahorses line up first for motor room, Jellyfish line up first for snack time, etc. The children seemed to enjoy telling their parents “I was a jellyfish today.”. We also talked about what color their animal was and how many of each animal we had that day.

Finding fun factual books on Ocean life was not an easy task for me so I decided to make little storybooks containing the factual information I wanted the children to remember about the animals we discussed. I found patterns like jellyfish, crab, seahorse, etc. and made several copies of each one. I colored the outside cover and gave the book a Title. Example: Sammy Seahorse or Jimmy Jellyfish. Then I decided what important facts I wanted to include in the book and made short, simple rhyming lines containing the facts. The books were 5-8 pages long and the kids got a kick out of hearing factual info in a fun way.

Beach Prop Box- I used a small durable plastic cooler, inside it I put, two beach towels, two or more size 10-14 children’s swim suits, an empty sun-screen bottle, sun glasses, a bright colored hat (it is a good idea to do a head lice check daily, if hats are used), two or more empty plastic soda bottles (glue lids on for younger age children), & sand toys. The children in my class played with this both indoors and outdoors in the sand box. If you are really creative, and not afraid of sweeping up sand, you can place a small wading pool filled with sand inside your classroom. Place it on a plastic shower curtain to make clean up easier.

For an under the sea bulletin board purchase blue cellophane or saran wrap for a “real” ocean experience. Then decorate how you would like.

Make that display come alive! To make an interactive display area and play thing which covers all areas of development an aquarium is just thing. Stick two cardboard box’s together and cut out the front and the top, paint the background blue and decorate with seaweed like effect. The children can make fish which can go on string (to stand behind and dangle over the top) or put them on sticks (sit in front and perform). To add to the reality treasure chests, dolphins, mermaids etc can also be made.


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