Ocean Fun

Its ocean week at our preschool. For sensory I put out sand with seashells in it. I also put water with it once in a while. I put a spoon in the sensory table so the children can dig in the sand and fill the seashells up.

Swimming Fish Puppets….. I don’t know how many of you are gearing up for water units, ocean units, marine units or even Ocean Odyssey Bible School, but here is a fun art project. You need both the large and small sized PAPER plates (Styrofoam does not work as well.) Start by stapling two large paper plates together, so that the plate bottoms are on the outside and look much like this (). Leave about a 6in. arch unstapled. With 2 of your small paper plates cut 1 wedge from each (you want them to be a good size.) Now staple one to each side of the open hole of the paper plate. Curve outward. You should now have a fish. Your hand should be able to fit inside the “tail” to make a puppet. You can have children decorate it how ever. Some suggestions are water colors, large sequins, colored macaroni, Etc.

We are doing a unit on Ocean/Sea Life. To help the children enter into the world of the ocean, we took two clear plastic drop cloths and outline pictures of fish, shells, seaweed, etc. I then had the children color the pictures with paint. After it was dry, I put it away for a couple of weeks. When we started the unit, I put the cloths up across the room. On one side the children could enter into the world of ocean life. I had various activities set up behind the cloths. The children had a blast diving under the sea!!

Ocean picture I searched through the internet and found lots of ocean animals pictures, the kids pretended we were going on a trip to the ocean, and they helped me choose which pictures to print (we pretended to be taking picture). After printing them we cut them out, glued them on blue paper and everyone had their own ocean picture.

Tell each child you want them to draw or paint a picture of a crab (it can be any animal) doing something they think a crab might do or where he lives. Then let the children tell you what each of their pictures mean. Teachers bind the pictures w/some words you came up with into a book. The kids will love hearing a story they helped create!


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