Ocean Fun

I purchased 2 car windshield visors that had an ocean theme on them…one was just an ocean scene, the other had dolphins jumping out of the water. I set these up in an area that could easily be blocked off from others (like our book center) and let the children play with ocean puppets. Some pretended like they were in the ocean with their puppets, and some used the visors as a backdrop for their own puppet show.

In our preschool, we each pick a theme to do our room in. Mine was Under the Sea. I decorated my center tags, the door with everyone’s names, cubby tags and even a sea wall where we finger-painted large sheets of paper, made different fish, and added seaweed made from saran wrap. Anything we can think of we decorate.

You will need: A bed sheet an overhead projector cut outs of different fish, one for each child.

I used this activity during beach week with my special ed preschoolers. The children colored their fish anyway they liked. I then enlisted the help of a teacher’s aid. We held up a bed sheet in front of an overhead projector. After turning the lights off we put on two pieces of music “Under the Sea” from Little Mermaid and “aquarium” from Carnival of the Animals for contrasting speeds. The children were then allowed to create shadows with their fish and have them move on the sheet any way they wanted. The colors of the fish came through the bed sheet and it gave each child a moment to be the star of their own show. I then hung up the bed sheet on the wall and used it as a bulletin board for our decorative fish!

For an ocean theme bulletin board I had my children water color sharks and sea shells and starfish and used the caption.. “We have fun in our school”. I added some die cut ocean waves at the bottom.

For the beginning of the year, our unit is going to be ocean. You need two plastic baggies, blue hair gel, beads (to look like bubbles) and foam fish and ocean animals. You add the gel, beads, and fish to one bag. Zip it up and put inside other bag. Either tape or glue end of second bag shut. This is a wonderful sensory idea and the kids will absolutely love it!!!!


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