Ocean Fun

Using cardboard boxes – medium/large – we build a submarine and children go search the deep. Seal each box up and cut the hatches (? can you tell I am not a submariner?) between each so they will have to squeeze through from one compartment to the next and then glue/tape them together. To allow light to get in, I also cut porthole type windows and cover these with several layers of blue cellophane and stick different sea creatures to the outsides.

We do a sea theme every year and thought I would pass on a few of our ideas.

The room is decorated by weaving crepe paper streamers (pale green/aqua, darker green/blue) over/under fishing line strung length of room a foot below the ceiling……when the a/c and fans are on, they move about and give the impression of being “Under the Sea”.

Fishing net is hung down one wall and over a table – becomes the interest corner where we lace sharks jaws/teeth; seaweed; shells; sponges; dried seahorses, starfish etc; and any other flotsom and jetsam we have in the place. (As we are only 5 minutes from some fantastic beaches, these are easy to collect!)

An alternative to the net is to cover an A frame with paper, paint it a murky colour and create an undersea cave to put the interest table in.

for oceans/aquariums I use empty milk jugs on cord for air tanks, flippers and masks, and aquarium background sheets in the dramatic play area for underwater adventures.



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