Ocean Art

We make bubble fish to review colors during our underwater unit. Mix a little food coloring with some bubbles and let the kids blow colored bubbles onto large fish shapes cut out of white paper or cardboard. once we have finished blowing our bubbles, we talk about what colors we used and what colors we made. the fish then make excellent decorations for the rest of our unit.

We take a paper plate and cut a scoop out of the top (so it looks like a fish bowl!). Have the child color the plate blue and glue on Pepperidge Farm fish crackers!

Here’s a fun way to create ocean animals… try covering a starfish shape with glue and dusting it with sand for a neat textured appearance. Another idea to create a sea urchin is to cut apart an egg carton into single cup sections, cover the curved side w/ glue and roll in grass seed for a 3-D texture of urchin spines.

For oceans I had all different colors of sea animals. I let my two-year olds glue them down as we talked about them. Then, we put blue saran wrap over the picture to make it look underwater! It’s a pretty b-board!

Fish: Have children glue large sequins on fish cut out of construction paper (represents scales). Then for the dorsal, pelvic and caudal (tail) fins, glue crepe streamers.


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  • Jen March 28, 2018 at 3:53 pm Reply

    We took two paper plates and cut the inside of one of the plates out and painted the inside circle of the other blue. After the paint had dried we let the children glue on Goldfish, yarn for seaweed, sand and shells. We glued the cut out paper plate over the other and made a ships porthole.

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