Ocean Art

Whales – have children stuff large plastic rubbish bag with newspaper – you will need to tape the tail…..and shape it…add on eyes and mouth.

We make large drawings of sea creatures (e.g. dolphin) and then turning it over I trace it into jigsaw pieces and number them – starting at the top – ensuring there is a piece for each child and one for me….mine is the eye or the piece that will give it away. I cut it out….then each child (next day as I draw it after school finishes) gets a piece to paint. When all are dry we sit in a circle and proceed to put our jigsaw together by gluing it onto a large backing board – the numbers are the guide for joining it up. Language really comes alive as the children try to guess which creature we have made today! Usually do 3 or 4 of these.

Paint bubble wrap with roller or brayer. Lift print onto paper. Lifting onto a fish shape makes a beautiful “Rainbow Fish”.

SeaLife Art: Paint a fish, yes a real fish (about 14-20 inches long) with a paint brush. Lift onto paper towel or muslin. Nice print and kids love the fish !!!! I prefer to do this outside.

In our ocean life week we have the children spread glue over a starfish stencil, then sprinkle cornmeal over it. In past years I didn’t have any cornmeal, so each child crushed his/her own bag of cornflakes to put over the glue. This year was the first year I had cornmeal and used it…like we were suppose to. I prefer the crushed cornflakes, the look and feel is better!



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  • Jen March 28, 2018 at 3:53 pm Reply

    We took two paper plates and cut the inside of one of the plates out and painted the inside circle of the other blue. After the paint had dried we let the children glue on Goldfish, yarn for seaweed, sand and shells. We glued the cut out paper plate over the other and made a ships porthole.

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