Ocean Art

Fish Mural

Have children fingerpaint a piece or wax paper blue. Before it dries, give them small fish cut out of different colors of tissue paper to put in the “water”. The fish will stick as the paint dries. Make a frame out of construction paper. Hang the murals in the light.

Give each child a large fish shaped cutout. Then I gave the children square pieces of construction paper and they glued them mosiac style all over the fish. They turn out beautifully.

Sea Urchins – Display pictures or books showing sea urchins. Most children will never have seen these incredibly interesting creatures. Give children play dough of various colors and toothpicks to create their own unique sea urchins. Children can shape the playdough into balls or whatever, then stick toothpicks into the playdough to create prickly sea urchins!

Sea life prints

Get a “dried” starfish, dried kelp, shells, etc. Have the children pain them and make prints on paper.


Make jellyfish. Cover a half a paper plate with glue (colored pink with food coloring). Add googly eyes. Add tentacles (strips of pink tissue paper) hanging from the flat edge of the plate


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  • Jen March 28, 2018 at 3:53 pm Reply

    We took two paper plates and cut the inside of one of the plates out and painted the inside circle of the other blue. After the paint had dried we let the children glue on Goldfish, yarn for seaweed, sand and shells. We glued the cut out paper plate over the other and made a ships porthole.

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