Ocean Art

Sand Art!!!! Need: baby food jars with lids, and Pixy Stix. Let children fill the jars up w/ different colors of Pixy Stix!

Hey! My kids love the stories of The Rainbow Fish! We read them together and then made the rainbow fish. I drew two fish per child using a stencil and stapled them back to back. The children then colored them using rainbow colors. I left an opening on one end so that the children could stuff the fish with cotton to give it a 3-D effect. To make the shiny scale I found some hot glue glitter sticks and with my help they added a glitter scale to their fish! They went home and told the story of how the fish shared the rest of his scales for weeks!

For starfish ….I cut out starfish from construction paper and have the kids glue on shredded wheat ….looks really cool and gives them texture like a starfish.

Have your students cut & glue pieces of sandpaper onto starfish pictures. It is a great tactile art project and saves better than using crushed cereal or cornmeal.

In May, my multi-handicapped primary class talks about Water and Water Safety. We do lots of water projects. We make “Waterscapes” using empty plastic bottles with screw on lids. First, we put in sand (from out sandbox), then water and color it blue with food coloring. To this, we add small shells and little plastic fish. Finally we put the lids back on and tape them shut. The kids enjoy tipping the bottles back and forth to see their fish and shells! More exciting if you add some sparkles.


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  • Jen March 28, 2018 at 3:53 pm Reply

    We took two paper plates and cut the inside of one of the plates out and painted the inside circle of the other blue. After the paint had dried we let the children glue on Goldfish, yarn for seaweed, sand and shells. We glued the cut out paper plate over the other and made a ships porthole.

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