Faith Bonfini


We have Newspaper Day the first week of January in our SK class. Each child brings in a Newspaper and we explore it together. We make up a chart story of 'What's in the News! ie: sports, weather, comics. Then the teacher makes each child whatever garment they want out of whatever section of the paper they choose. Paper hats by the traditional fold method, vests by creatively carefully cutting, skirts ie: Hawaiian strips etc. The children then walk around the school showing off their Latest Happening Outfit!

Daylene   12-14-99

Have each child draw a picture of something special they want to do during the new year.  Have them dictate a story about their picture to you.  Assemble the children's pictures and stories into a book and put it in your reading area.

Set up a New Year's party in your dramatic play center!

Add party hats, old fancy dresses, old men's suits, lots of jewelry, noise makers, and a clock set at 12:00.

Introduce the materials to the children and talk about how many people celebrate the new year.  Put the props in your dramatic play center and let the party begin!


Kids' New Year's Eve Party

Our grocery store hosted a mid-day New Year's Eve party for kids so that they would know 1) this holiday is for kids as well as adults and 2) New Year's Eve can be fun and alcohol free. We had the Coca-Cola Polar Bear make an appearance (from the local Coke distributor); kids played the Coke ring-toss game (if they threw a ring around a two-liter of Coke, they won a 12-oz. can of soda--and, we made sure all kids won); we had party hats and noise makers; we let them pick a New Year's "resolution" from a fish bowl (these were actually goals in disguise such as "I'll send a picture or note to a grandparent, aunt or uncle at least once a week," and "I'll go to sleep with a smile on my face every night); we had free refreshments, balloons; we had a display showing what were the highlights from each year a child was born (i.e., if the child was born in '91, the song of the year was "Unforgettable," which team won the Super Bowl, what the population of the U.S. was; how much a dozen eggs cost); the kids made hors d'oeuvres. The kids--and parents-- had a great time!

Date: 11-18-99