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mother's day misc


Many people do Tea Parties. This year we decided to do a picnic. We chose a park near by. The mothers met us there. They brought sandwiches for themselves and children. We provided the other food. We played games and learned mommy songs. Then we had our picnic for lunch. During this time the kids presented their moms with their presents and cards. The kids had a lot of fun and the mothers enjoyed spending quality time with their child.



Flower Pom-pom Pins- Cut a 2-2 1/2 inch circle from poster board.

Glue a pin back on the back side of circle. (Hot glue gun works better than glue)

Cut a leaf about 1 inch size out of fun foam. Glue to back of circle too. Glue the leaf near the bottom side so when you turn the circle over you can see some of it.

Glue a Pom-pom in the center of the circle for the middle of the flower. (Tacky glue works and it is safe for the kids.)

Glue 6-7 pom-poms around the center pom-pom for pedals. Add eyes to center pom-pom if you'd like to. (Let the flowers dry well before you try to pin them on.)

Neon colors are fun. Our kids at church made them and gave the flowers to their mothers for Mother's Day. The mothers really like them and wore them during church.


Date: 4-11-00

We always have a Mother's Day Tea for moms and/or grandmas. We decorate the room pretty and the children sing a few songs as a group to their moms. One teacher reads "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. Then we serve refreshments which the children have prepared before hand (such as muffins, cookies), we serve ice tea to the children and moms.


Date: 3-20-00

Mother's Day Carnation Corsage

Small white doilies Small strips of red construction paper Small safety pins Glue sticks Pencils for curling strips

We have a Mother's Day tea at our school. When the mothers first get there, the children make the corsage with them. First they need to curl the strips of paper by wrapping them around the pencils. (they will be flat on one end and curly on the other). Glue strips to doily and pin on to proud mom!

Bridget  Mazur


I always have a mother's day tea party. I video the children before the party. They tell why they love their mother and also why they think their mother looks beautiful. The whole class sings songs on the video. The day of the tea party when all the mom's arrive, I just pop in the tape and pass out the tissues.