Monster Art

Fold a large sheet of paper in half… open it up and on one side put several colors of paint…in squirts. Glitter paint by Crayola works great….fold paper in half allow children to press the paint around and make it smooth. Open the paper…allow to dry while children create eyes and mouths and noses on white paper and color them. Also provide wiggle eye, yarn, sequins, and what ever you have around, glue these to the paper to make monsters…they are awesome and kids get very excited at the results.

Scribble monsters: The children scribble on a paper with whatever items they like. Once the scribble is finished add 2 moveable eyes to complete the Scribble Monster.

The children in my class absolutely love the story Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley. To incorporate this story into a fun art activity cut out the features of the monster (scraggly purple hair, sharp white teeth etc.,) then provide the kids with easel paper and dishes of different shades of green paint and have them create their own Big Green Monsters! Definitely a favorite of my kids!


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