Monster Art

Little Monsters…

My home preschool group made these little monsters and each came out unique. We started with a squirt of paint on a plain piece of paper, then we took a fat straw cut in half and the kids blew the paint causing the paint to spread. The kids chose different colors and some did it once and others did it up to 5 times. Most turned out to be round like formations. After the paint dried they glued on eyes and feathers of choice. Looks good on black paper. This is an easy project with great results.

Give children a plastic cup. Have them decorate the cup like a monster. You can have the children fill the cup with cotton balls dipped in water and sprinkle grass seeds inside. A monster with lots of green hair!

Cook spaghetti noodles add oil so they are not sticky then let children by handful, dunk noodles in paint, then onto paper, remove noodles. When dry add eyes, mouths, teeth etc. using variety of materials makes a “spaghetti monster”. Ask them to tell you about their spaghetti monsters favorite things. Name them. Discuss monster do not have to be scary they can be silly and friendly.

We turned the water table into a cutting center. We through in a few different colors of construction paper along with some tissue paper, pipe cleaners, cotton and other misc. items. The students stood at the water table and practiced cutting the items into the table. We then used the scraps and made a monster collage to go along with the book “Go Away Big Green Monster.”

Give the kids paint googily eyes etc. to make a monster. Talk about how monsters aren’t real they come from our imaginations and they can look any any way we want. Then have children vote on how many eyes ears noses mouths etc we w ant our monsters to have.


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