Mitten Snacks

My kids love this snack they get to make themselves. I place a bowl of light bread, several small bowls of colored milk, small clean paint brushes and a few mitten cookie cutters on the table. The children take turns visiting the table. The cut a mitten from a slice of bread ( scraps are saved for feeding the birds). They place it on a sheet of foil that has their name on it. Then they proceed to “paint” their mitten with the milk paint. When everyone is through, the mittens are sprinkles with a light cinnamon sugar mixture and baked until brown. Served with hot chocolate for a wonderful winter day party or snack.

Mitten Cookies

Roll out sugar cookie dough and let each child put their hand down (fingers together, thumb out) like a mitten and cut around their hand. Bake the cookies and let them frost and decorate their “mitten”.

After doing a mitten lace up at small group. We brought our mittens to snack and counted how many animal crackers would fit in our mitten. The kids loved this!!



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