Mitten Art

We make “Marbleous Mittens” during our M week. We cut out different colors of construction paper mittens and put them in a box, or a covered cookie tray( like from the stores) and dip the marbles in paint and then put them into container and let the kids shake the container and the marbles make tracks across them. It is really a neat looking effect.

We recited the “Three Little Kittens” while putting the characters on a flannel board. Then the children picked a paper mitten from the teacher. They had to find a matching color mitten from the ones hidden in the room. When the child had two the same color he/she decorated the one found to match the one they picked from the teacher.

Read “The Mitten Tree” by Candace Christiansen. Cut out the shape of a large evergreen tree. Cut out pairs of mittens from wrapping paper or wallpaper Mix up the mittens in a basket or bowl. Have each child search for a matching pair of mittens. Have the children glue the mittens onto the tree.

We read the story “The Mitten” and then we review the story by stamping animal pictures inside a construction paper mitten in the same order from the story.

Cut out two mittens from butcher paper. Have children collage on them with squares from construction paper or other material. They look like patches when they dry. I fasten them together by stapling a piece of yarn on to them. We hang them up in our room or take them home for the refrigerator. A great book to go with this is a book called The Mitten. We also do the Three Little Kittens .


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.