Snowpeople Ideas

Because we live in the south, we don’t usually get snow, I build a different kind of snowman. My children use white trash bags, and cut outs of the other parts to build snowmen. We make a class snow man together, then we let the children make a mini snowman with white lunch bags and construction paper cutouts.

Sock snowman

Use an old white sock( without any holes). Stuff it with cotton batting & knot it at the end. this part will be the top of the snowman. 2/3 down use a piece of material for a scarf, tie it tightly around for the neck. Then decorate the face with marker or with felt.

Snowman Puppet: Give each child two small paper plates which are stapled at one edge of each plate (one plate above the other in a snowman shape). Give the children patterns or pre-cut shapes of a hat, scarf, mittens, and boots made of construction paper for them to glue on the plates in the appropriate places. They can use buttons or crumpled pieces of black tissue paper for eyes. A small piece of orange pipe cleaner can be used as a carrot nose. They can add other accessories as they like using markers, crayons, twigs, construction paper, etc. When the snowmen are decorated, staple half of a small paper plate at the top edge to the back (top also) of each snowman. This makes a little “pocket” for each child’s hand, so now it’s a puppet. It gives you a different way of making a puppet, other than using a paper bag. The children did a great job, and the puppets were adorable.



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  • Nan November 24, 2017 at 10:19 pm Reply

    After reading Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner, the children get snowmen parts–white circles, orange noses, buttons, pompoms etc–to glue together anyway they want. I put up black paper,a silver moon and hills of white butcher paper on our bulletin board and add our “Snowpeople at Night.”

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