Sensory Ideas

For the sense of touch, I use a touch bag or even a touch box. A child puts his hand into a bag filled with various items. His eyes should be closed. He determines what the item is using his sense of touch.

This is variation of someone else’s idea “sensory gloves”. She had said to put playdough or rice in latex gloves and tie them off. You can also try water, sand, or my favorite flour. ENJOY!

Five Senses

Touch: Pudding Painting, Texture walk (walk on different types of objects), Glue items on paper when done soft (cotton balls) hard (rocks), Slippery (wax paper, rough (sand paper)

Smell: Make Kool-Aid play dough (add Kool-Aid to water when making), Scented flowers (precut flower kids decorate and spray cotton ball with perfume, glue in the middle)

Sight: Binoculars (using two toilet paper tubes, tape, string around neck) Braille. use lentil beans glue in pattern of Braille alphabet (dots pre-done by teacher) for child’s name.

Sound: Guitar (paint a shoe box, put rubber bands around it), tape record sounds guess what they are

Taste: favorite Foods (cut food out of magazines and glue on paper), have a tasting party.



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