Sensory Ideas

For sensory play, my toddlers love to play in flour. We give them plates and bowls and cars, anything that they might enjoy.

My toddlers love Jell-O play. It’s very messy, but lots of fun. We add gummy worms and different things to give it different textures. It is great!

My toddlers love to have “Confetti” play. All this is shredded paper we get out of the shredder. Ours is little scraps. They love to throw it on their friends. You just have to be careful, some like to eat it.

Make a book with the kids…I was caught red-handed TOUCHING… I had the child put his hand in a red ink pad and place his hand print on each page. Then I had several items out for the children to touch (e.g. burlap, aluminum foil, feathers, spring coils, etc.) the child touched the item and then told me what it felt like…some children said good and I said does it feel bumpy or smooth, wet or dry, etc. I wrote on each page what they felt and how it felt. Then the child glued a piece of the item to their red hand. I will have them read it to me before they take it home to read to their parents.

Sensory show and tell- Each day have child bring in favorite taste, touch, sound, sight, and smell as you cover the senses.

I have heard that this is a neat addition to play dough. Give the children different sizes of googly eyes and watch them create different animals, people, etc. 🙂


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