Sensory Ideas

SENSORY BLOCK AREA I was doing senses as a topic and came up with painting pieces of wood with Kool-aid. I used scrap wood from a lumberyard I added food coloring to the Kool-aid instead of water. (I also added a bit of hand soap to the mixture as this stains) The wood smelt for days the children then glued and hammered the wood to make different objects.

The children and I were unpacking all the toys we received. We found lots of bubble wrap, they enjoyed popping the bubbles a lot that we decided to do different activities for them. Such as: Placed on the wall and had pictures of the children under it. Placed on the floor with different colors of construction paper and had the children dancing on it in their socks ( I called it Pop music) Placed it on the table for a different texture. I am sure there is a lot more you can do with this.

I great idea for making play dough is instead of adding food coloring add a packet of Kool-Aid to it. This colors the dough and makes it smell great!!!!!

Sensory Pool For a true sensory experience, replace your traditional water table with a large swimming pool. Fill the pool with various non-messy materials ( balls, Styrofoam pieces, Easter grass, paper, etc) and let the children climb right in. They can really “immerse” themselves in fun, and they will love it!!

Lower the Sensory Table as close to the ground as possible if it has a spout on the bottom try putting it up on blocks for support and function. Fill the table with Pine hamster/rabbit shavings or bedding and Styrofoam peanuts. My kids were covered head to toe! I have the challenge of finding activities for children that are just 3 and children that missed the kindergarten cut off by 1 day and ALL of my children loved this activity. The next day half of them asked if we could do it again. I was really lucky to be able to borrow an extra and have 2 tables available.

I duct taped a 4 foot by 2 foot. Sheet of “bubble pack” to our paneled wall. I laid four wooden mallets (that we use for clay) under it. 20 months- four years old really enjoyed banging away with no damage to the wall. This can also be done on a table.


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