Sensory Ideas

During 5 senses week, my son’s preschool teacher had the children poke whole cloves into an unpeeled orange. This created a “yummy” smell as well as a tactile experience; not to mention the fine motor practice!

When talking about senses, tell the children a story. Fill film containers with a small bit of a strong scented food (Chocolate, orange, lemon, peanut butter, and garlic work best). Next line them up in the order you will present them. The story can be as creative as you want by talking like you were the child going w/mommy to the store and didn’t know what food was going in the cart. Next say, “so I smelled it to find out.” Then, pass each hidden mystery food around to be smelled. If the children have a hard time figuring it out, drop hints such as, “This is a yellow fruit.”

Thread a piece of yarn through two drinking straws. Tie the yarn in a knot. Hold the straws as handles and immerse in bubble solution. Slowly lift up and you will have a bubble sheet. Gently move your arms up and down and the bubble will rise and fall.

The children I work with love shaving cream in sensory that smells like lime. Sometimes I put little plastic dinosaurs for them to play with in it. Even though its messy t it keeps all my children happy and that’s what counts.

Packing Bubbles: Get construction paper (different Colors) and place them under the packing bubbles. Tape the packing bubbles on the floor. Have the children step on the packing bubbles and see the reaction you get. I entitled this “Pop music” Play some music while your doing this!! Another idea is to place pictures of the children under the packing bubbles. Tape it to the wall (anywhere is good) and have the children pop the bubbles and discover who is under the the packing bubbles.

Sensory area

A great dry activity for the sensory area is shredded paper. Most businesses are willing to give it away. The children love to hide toys in it and most of all, wear it on their heads.


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