Gardening Ideas

One of the preschool teachers at our school brought in plastic flower pots (with Styrofoam) and some fake flowers and put them in her home center. She also added a watering can, some plastic garden tools, garden gloves and a couple of big floppy hats. They children love playing with this and enjoying arranging the flowers.

Gardening Sensory Box- I use a plastic sweater box with a snap on lid for this activity. Place potting soil in the box along with a few small shovels, spoons, pots, fake flowers, and a small watering can (with no water in it). The children love planting the fake flowers and when we are done, we just put it all in the box and store it! Keep a towel nearby to wipe messy hands!

When we are talking about flowers and how they grow, I have the children make a flower as big as they are!! First, I cut out a small to midsize yellow circle. Next I give the children multi-colored petals (made of construction paper) to glue on. They can draw a face on the front of the flower if they wish. Next, I make a stem for their flower using green construction paper, cut as long as they are tall. This makes a wonderful display for a bulletin board in spring!



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