Color Ideas

When “thinkin'” about a color, we make that color playdough and use it for about two weeks. Example: red playdough. Then we might think about yellow and make yellow playdough, while saving the red. Our next color is orange of course and we “make” it ourselves by mixing the red and yellow playdough together!

I did a color theme for a week. For my bulletin board I cut strips of construction paper in rainbow colors and put around the board in the right order. I then put up the title a rainbow of colors or a world of rainbows. I had my pre-k kids color rainbows in the right order and placed on the board. It really brightened up our room. And the kids learned their colors (which they already knew) but also learned the order of a rainbow, and how a rainbow is made.

Fruit Loop Sorting. You need: bag of fruit loops chart made with colors of the fruit loops on top.

Instructions: Give the children some fruit loops and have each child sort their fruit loops according to the color. It helps to give the child some fruit loops to eat until all of the children are finished.

Color study is great fun because there are no boundaries. All you need is construction paper or drawing paper, glue, and tissue paper. I let the kids paint the glue onto the paper and then adhere tissue paper squares to create anything they want. OR Give each child a paper lunch sack and a square of colored paper. You can use many colors or just the color of the week. Go on a color walk. Let the children pick up various items that match their color swatch. Of course, this works very well with colors like green or brown, but it can be interesting with other colors, too.

I do “Friday Feasts”. All week we work on or focus on one color. On Friday of that week, parents donate edible items of that color for a “Friday Feast.” For our Orange Feast, we had oranges, Goldfish crackers, and cheese cubes. Our yellow feast consisted of pineapple chunks, bananas, and golden delicious apples. The kids love it!

We have been doing colors for a few weeks now. Each week I pick a new color. On Monday the color is introduced to the children. Tuesday is share day and they bring an item pertaining to the color. Wednesday they make the color. One day during the week they make two craft projects, one for the wall and one to take home. This week is our last week and everyone did a great job!



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