Color Ideas

When studying colors, have the children bring in an item from home of that color. For example, on “red” day, a child can bring in a red puzzle piece. Then post the items on a large paper to make a class collage. The items should be small, lightweight, and invaluable. This activity extends their learning into the home and also gets their parents involved.

Learning colors is made more meaningful and fun, this way: younger children (3 yr. olds) easily learn colors by wearing them. We point out where the color is on their clothing, shirt, button, barrette, etc. The older children enjoy learning and reinforcing colors by eating them. Each day is a different color and each child is to bring in a food of that color to be shared with the class.

Take the wrapper off of new crayons and replace with a plain white piece of paper. Have the children think of how crayon colors are named (there is also a book on how crayons are made which is neat). Give them each a crayon and have them use their imagination to “name” the color.

Color Collage

Precut magazine pictures that demonstrate the color you are teaching. Put them in a pile in the center of the table and let the children choose a few each. Give each child a piece of construction paper and help them glue the pictures on. This is a great project for a family day care where there are different ages of children!

In our dramatic play we have a shelf which we furnish with props to go with our theme. For colors the theme was interior decorating. We put out paint color strips, wallpaper and fabric books, paint cans and paint brushes, decorating magazine etc. We also redecorated some areas of the room by painting ” wallpaper for the different areas. We used some cheap wallpaper in some areas and butcher paper in others. Color decisions were made as a group making sure everyone’s favorite color was included somewhere. Painting with sponges, plastic bags, or table prints all produced different looks and we even made a section of footprints.


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