Circus Ideas

Clowns Stretch a wire coat hanger from hanger and center of bottom. Cut out a circle for head; triangle for hat. Let children decorate hat and draw face on circle. Tape at hook of hanger. Trace child’s own hands and feet (with shoes on) and cut out. Tape hands on each side and feet at bottom point. Very cute!!

Clown Bows wallpaper samples work best. Cut out an 8×10 piece of wallpaper from a sample book let children fold the wallpaper back and forth and then tie a piece of yarn in the middle and then use a paper clip to fasten to their shirt and they have a funky bow tie.

Have the children walk on those moon walker shoes for Man on Stilts. Children can also try to juggle scarves.

Give child blown up balloon and paper plate, paper plate acts as clown’s collar. balloon is clown’s head & face. can paper mache balloon if you want project to take many days. if not and want short version children can draw features of clown’s face directly onto balloon with permanent magic marker or paint, put small hole in center of plate so you can thread the tie end of the balloon through the hole and keep the balloon stable. glue party hat to top of clown’s balloon head. can put yarn hair on before gluing hat on. can add exaggerated features, i.e. big ears, large red nose, etc. paint and decorate collar with sequins, dot-art, etc.

We spent some time making masks and practicing circus tricks. then we invited our families in to see our circus. we made popcorn and I made programs for each family to take home. the children loved it!

Have children make their own clown hair. Cut the center out of a paper plate to fit the child’s head. Color the paper plate ring then cut short pieces of colorful yarn to glue around the edges. Make sure the yarn is short enough that it doesn’t hang in the kids eyes.



  • April March 28, 2018 at 3:16 pm Reply

    We use the parachute pinned to the ceiling, use balance beams and run streamers and crepe paper all over the place! We face paint and use mirrors and use the theme to discover shape, colors, textures and number recognition…it is loads of fun!

  • April March 28, 2018 at 3:16 pm Reply

    Myself and my helper dressed up as clowns the day we had Circus fun and them played out games and painted the children’s faces and made them clowns as well. Some of them liked it and some didn’t but it was a different experience for them. They liked seeing us all dressed up.

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