Circus Ideas

Chalkboard story – May be drawn on a large piece of paper

Tommy and his father went to the circus. When they entered the big top, the first thing they saw was the big arena (draw a large circle). Tommy and his dad sat on one side of the arena. They could look across the arena and see the people on the other side (draw clown hair on both sides of the circle). The band began to play (Draw a triangle clown hat on top of the circle). They could see the conductor leading the band . (Draw a circle at the top of the triangle). The lights went out and a spotlight shown on the ringmaster (Draw a circle in the middle of the large circle to make a nose) “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest show on earth. For your entertainment we have the dancing, prancing horses. Watch them dance (Draw a star for an eye). Over here we have the lions. Watch them jump through hoops. Here them roar( Draw the other eye). High over head we have the daring young men on the flying trapeze (Draw a smiling mouth). Tommy and his dad had a great time at the circus. When Tommy got home he could hardly wait to tell his mom everything he had seen. Mom, Dad and I sat in the audience and looked across the arena at the other side. We heard the band and saw the conductor. The ringmaster was great. We watched the horses and lions. The flying people on the trapeze were fun. But, do you know what I liked the best? THE CLOWNS!

Circus train: Use standard size construction paper (all colors), space black strips of paper going across (to resemble bars), add a piece of bulletin board border across the top, then 2 circles for wheels. Use animal cracker cookies as animals to put inside. String all cars together to make train. Looks great when done!

Lower the Sensory Table as close to the ground as possible if it has a spout on the bottom try putting it up on blocks for support and function. Fill the table with Pine hamster/rabbit shavings or bedding and Styrofoam peanuts. My kids were covered head to toe! I have the challenge of finding activities for children that are just 3 and children that missed the kindergarten cut off by 1 day and ALL of my children loved this activity. The next day half of them asked if we could do it again. I was really lucky to be able to borrow an extra and have 2 tables available.

Oatmeal Container Circus hats

Measure and draw a line approximately 2″ from the top of the container. use a craft knife to cut 3/4 of the way around the container on the line. Then, cut a 1/4 semicircle above the line. This will become the bill of the hat.

Provide scissors, construction paper, yarn glue, a hole punch, crayons, and stickers. After the hats are finished and dry, help each child make a chin strap by punching a hole in each side of the hat and then tying a piece of yarn through each hole.

Weightlifter Weights

Supplies needed: several packages of large and small disposable pie tins, glue, black paint, paintbrushes, scissors, paper towel tubes, and large wrapping paper tubes.

Trace around the end of the tubes onto the pie tins. Then, cut out the holes they have traced. Cover the edges of the holes with masking tape. Next, heave them paint the cardboard tubes black. While the paint is drying, the children make the weights by gluing two pie plates of the same size together. have the children carefully slide the weights onto each end of the tube, glue the edges of the weights to the tube. Voila! A Barbell!

During my circus unit one year, I let all the children color a circus animal and I glued each of them to a separate sheet of construction paper and stapled that to the bulletin board. That was the “cage”. Then I strung yarn from the top to the bottom of each cage for the bars. The children loved it.



  • April March 28, 2018 at 3:16 pm Reply

    We use the parachute pinned to the ceiling, use balance beams and run streamers and crepe paper all over the place! We face paint and use mirrors and use the theme to discover shape, colors, textures and number recognition…it is loads of fun!

  • April March 28, 2018 at 3:16 pm Reply

    Myself and my helper dressed up as clowns the day we had Circus fun and them played out games and painted the children’s faces and made them clowns as well. Some of them liked it and some didn’t but it was a different experience for them. They liked seeing us all dressed up.

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