Luau Art

Sandy Footprints: Dip a child’s foot in glue, then print onto paper. (Have a bucket of warm, soapy water and towels on hand). After a quick cleanup, the child can sprinkle sand on the glue. Allow to dry. Hang Ten: Cut out a surfboard shape from a large piece of cardboard. Cover with bright paper or paint. Children can pretend to surf the waves.

For my Hawaii unit, my class made leis. Give the children colorful cut squares of tissue paper. Use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the middle of each piece of tissue paper. Let the children use plastic needles and put the tissue papers around a string long enough to fit around the child’s head. When the tissue papers are on the string, the children fluff them up and they have their very own colorful Hawaiian lei.

Volcano art- Tear a mountain shape from paper. Paint with a glue with used coffee grounds mixture. Add red colored coconut for lava.

When I taught my Hawaii unit I had my kindergarteners make pineapples. I gave them a pineapple to trace and cut out. Then they used yellow and green tissue paper to crumple up and glue on the pineapple.

For our Hawaiian luau, we are making grass skirts using green crepe paper and yarn. Cut several strips of the crepe paper and cut a piece of yarn long enough to fit around each child, like a belt. Have the children glue the crepe paper to the yarn and tie around the child when done. Now the children can do the hula with their own grass skirts.



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