Luau Art

Any easier version of luau making for toddlers.. pre-cut construction paper flowers and hole punch the middle. Then cut some straws into smaller pieces. Have the children “lace” the flowers and straws alternately onto pipe cleaners. You can twist pipe cleaners together to make them bigger and then cover the area with a piece of straw to prevent child from being poked by the end. These turn out great and are easy enough for two year olds.

For fun and quick leis cut apart the sections of cardboard egg cartons. Have the children paint them different colors and then string them on yarn to fit around the child’s neck. They love this project and it is easy to gather the egg cartons…Just ask the parents for donations!

For the Hawaii idea I bought some of the plastic leis. Some the children received at the door, as I greeted them and then some of the I let them paint with putting them (the plastic ones) in the paint and then they would push them down on the paper to make patterns, and circles.


Draw a pineapple outline and cut out squares of yellow tissue paper. Have the children glue them onto the pineapple. I also had them roll up green tissue paper into balls to glue onto the yellow squares. They so real, and cute too! They can color the top brown or green to finish the look.

To make an easy hula skirt, take a brown paper bag and cut off top portion, then using scissors make strips up to the top portion leaving a 2-3 inch uncut space. Cut “skirt” to fit with about an inch over lap around the waist. Fold down the top edge to form a waist band and run yarn in between the fold , staple below yarn and then tie around the child’s waist , it will gather and look real. Their part will be to paint the skirt green using sponges or brushes.

Beach Towels

Give the children a large piece of paper the shape of a towel. Have lots of bright colors of paint and let each child design her/his own towel. Hang these from a clothes line in the room to display.


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