Halloween Songs

Name:  Daylene           E-Mail:  aactchrday@aol.com

On Halloween

On Halloween just take a peek

Wee brownies creep when we are asleep.

Elves and pixies dance and leap.

Witches ride upon a broom.

And fuzzy bats dart past me-zoom!

Name:  Daylene           E-Mail:  aactchrday@aol.com

I Am A Jolly Jack-O-Lantern

Ho! Ho! little folks (Stand or sit with hands on hips)

Don’t be afraid.

I am a jolly jack-o-lantern

Out of a pumpkin made.

When I was a pumpkin fat, (Clasp hands before stomach in large pumpkin formation)

Out in the fields I lay (Swing pumpkin out to left)

Until a little laddie came And carried me away (Move pumpkin slowly to right)

He cut a slit for each eye (Point to eyes)

And another for a nose (Point to nose)

Then carved a great big grinning mouth (Hold right forefinger before mouth)

With teeth in funny rows

He put a candle in my head (Place candle on top of head)

And let the light stream through,

And said,”Oh, Jack-o-lantern (Hold hands on hips)

Won’t I have fun with you!

Name:  Daylene           E-Mail:  aactchrday@aol.com

Five Little Jack-O-Lanterns

Five little jack-o-lanterns (One hand up)

sitting on a gate.

The first one said (Point to thumb)

“My, it’s getting late.”

The second one said, (Pointer finger)

“I hear a noise.”

The third one said, (Middle finger)

“It’s just a lot of boys.”

The forth one said, (Ring finger)

“Come on let’s run.”

The fifth one said, (Little finger)

“It’s just Halloween fun.”

“Puff” went the wind

And out went the light (Close fingers into fist)

And away went the jack-o-lanterns (Open hand, fingers run behind back)

On Halloween night.

Name:  Daylene           E-Mail:  aactchrday@aol.com

This Little Pumpkin

This little pumpkin was taken to market (Pointer)

And sold for fifteen cents.

This little pumpkin was made into a jack-o-lantern (Middle finger)

And stood high on a fence.

This little pumpkin was made into a pie (Ring finger)

And never more was seen.

This little pumpkin was taken away (Little finger)

On the night of Halloween.

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