Halloween Songs

Make a pumpkin face out of a paper plate and colored construction paper, use a Popsicle stick as a handle,


Halloween is coming soon I tell you what I’ll do (put pumpkin paper plate in front of your face)
I hide behind my pumpkin face and then I holler BOO!

Tune (Twinkle,Twinkle)

In the sky on Halloween,
Many funny things are seen.
Bats and ghosts and goblins too,
Hope they don’t come after you.

(Repeat lines 1 & 2)

I have two fall/halloween songs:

“Halloween is Coming” 

Halloween is coming,
Halloween is coming
Skeletons will be watching you (make circles w/ thumb and index finger as in watching)
Big black bats and witches hats OOOOOOO,
Halloween is coming Halloween is coming
Skeletons will be watching you

“Pumpkin on the ground” 

Pumpkin pumpkin on the ground how’d you get so big and round?
You started as a seed so small, now your like a big round ball.

Halloween Cat Halloween Cat, Halloween Cat
Why do you Meow and Meow like that?
Neither I nor the moon (point up) like your tune so SCAT,
Halloween cat

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