Halloween Songs

There was an old lady in a pointed hat— 

There was an old lady in a pointed hat (Use your hands to make pointed hat over head)
She came to my door with a rap-tap-tap (pretend to knock on door)
I opened up the door to see who was there (pretend to open door)
She jumped on her broom and flew through the air. (use hand to fly into the sky)

This is a variance to the “Five Little Pumpkins” Song, for those centers that don’t celebrate Halloween.

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate (five fingers up)
The first one said “Oh my it’s getting Late” (Hands on Cheeks)
The second one said “There’s a chill in the air” (arms around self)
The third one said “But we don’t care” (swing pointer finger)
The fourth one said “We’re ready for some fun!” (hand in air)
The fifth one said “Let’s run, run, run!” (running motion)
So woooo went the wind, and out went the lights,
And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

Another Halloween song. I don’t know where I learned it.

(To the tune of 3 green and speckled frogs)

5 crows, all shiny black, Sat on a scarecrow’s back, Eating the most delicious corn, CAW! CAW! Scarecrow, he shouted BOO! 1 crow, away she flew, Then there were 4 black shiny crows (just 4!)

Repeat 4 crows, 3 crows, 2 crows, etc. In developmental preschools, you can use two Big Macks, one to record the CAW CAW repeated line and one for the BOO!

My Pre-k class had a blast saying this little verse. They really get into the beat when you snap your fingers along with it. Draw and color a picture of a cat for each of the following colors: green, blue, red, yellow, orange Tell the following story: Scat the Cat

Scat the cat was a black cat. Everyone in his family was black. But Scat the Cat was tired of being like everyone else. So he said (snap fingers) “I’m Scat the Cat I’m Sassy and Fat I change my colors just like that.”

So Scat the cat changed into a (name of color). He was as (green as the grass; blue as the sky, red as an apple, yellow as a lemon, orange as an orange,). Scat the Cat enjoyed being a (name of color) for a few days. But then he got tired. So he said: (Repeat Scat the Cat Verse) *After naming last color: Well Scat the Cat had changed his colors many times. He found out that it wasn’t so bad being a black cat. So he said, (Repeat verse)

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.