Halloween Songs

Two Little Ghost Chant. 

Two little ghosts, smiling at you,

One named Who, one named Boo (raise one finger on each hand.)

Fly away, Who (fly one hand behind back), fly away, Boo (fly other hand behind back),

Come back Who (bring one hand in front), come back Boo! (bring other hand to front while shouting BOO!)

Black Cat. 

Black cat, black cat, looking for a witch,

All around the night, as dark as pitch.

You can see because your eyes are green,

Black cat, black cat, it is HALLOWEEN !

You can use the word “witch” or “ghost” with the tune of BINGO.


There is a woman who rides a broom, and Witch is her name-o.

When you turn over each letter, say “Hee” in the place of the letter.


You see him around on Halloween night, and Ghost is his name-o.

When you flip over the letters, say “boo” in the place of the letter.

Here’s a few Halloween games/albums that are fun:

“Witches Brew” from Educational Activities, Inc., by Hap and Martha Palmer (album of the same name.) 

Entire Halloween Fun album by Lois Skiera-Zucek, from Kimbo Educational.

“Pass The Witch’s Broomstick” from Den-Lan Music Co., Inc. on their “Halloween” album.  The children also enjoy listening to and role-playing “Lil’ Orphan Annie” from this album.

Halloween, Halloween,

Halloween, Halloween,

Oh, what funny things are seen.

Witches hats, 

Coal-black cats, 

Broomstick riders, 

Mice and rats!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.