Halloween Games

Pin the Nose on Jack

Purchase a large orange leaf bag that resembles a jack-o-lantern. Make a nose the same size as on the bag from tag board or paper. Place sticky tack or tape on back, blindfold students, and let them try to pin the nose on Jack!

We play a game with chocolate donuts and we string them on a string and we spread them apart maybe six at a time and then we have the kids eat the donuts off the string with their hands behind their backs!! Use only chocolate, don’t use the white powder sugar they are hard to swallow fast!! And also I have made a really cheap Halloween pi�ata by taking one of those big leaf pumpkin trash bags and filling it with candy and cheap toys from Oriental Trade Co. and then I hang it up and have everyone take a whack at it!!! I stuff it with newspaper to make it look really fat!!

Pass the orange You pass one orange (by using only the neck) no hands. The one that doesn’t drop the orange is the winner.

Ring around the Ghost

Simple game that is played like “Ring around the Rosie” except you use a chair covered up with a white sheet. I let the children each take a turn being the ghost in the middle. They loved it!!

This idea is great for 3’s– In your rice or sand table, sprinkle some of that neat shiny confetti–for fall you can use leaves, for Halloween you can use pumpkins or bats, etc. Have children go on a “treasure hunt” in the rice or sand and find the little pumpkins, bats, etc. When they have found all the confetti, each child can count how many they found– you can also give the kids magnifying glasses to help with their search–the rice table has never looked so neat!

Fall Harvest Activity

We buy enough pumpkins for each child in the school, plus extra) and place them in a large circle on the lawn. In small groups the children run around the entire circle then walk back around and choose a pumpkin of their own. We write their names on them and put them in a garden cart. Together the group pushes the cart back to their classroom. The pumpkins are then used for counting and measuring activities. We also have other outdoor centers going on at the same time. We hide small treat bags in several bales of hay and the children take turns finding their prize. A Fall obstacle course; climb over a bale of hay, jump over small pumpkins, throw a hula hoop over a large pumpkin.

Mummy Wrap Have your children form two groups. Each group picks one person to be the mummy. The rest of the children try to wrap the mummy using toilet paper.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.