Halloween Games

This idea takes a little work but once you have done it you can use it year after year. Purchase plastic golf balls and spray paint them orange. Next using permanent marker draw different silly and spooky faces on them. Let dry. Place these balls in your water table and give your children strainer nets or fishnets and let them catch all the pumpkins and put them in a large jack lantern (plastic store bought one) My kids love this activity and I look forward to bringing it out year after year Have fun !!

I actually first saw this in one of my parenting magazines and adapted it to suit our preschool classroom. We took a white sheet and painted rows of witch hats, pumpkins, ghosts and black cats. We then played a Halloween version of twister. The kids love it and its something we can use year after year. It’s great for teaching left and right too.

This is a variation of duck duck goose. “Ghost-ghost-witch”. The witch goes around saying ghost-ghost -ghost…….witch .then the witch has to chase the ghost and if she catches the ghost she can put a spell on it. (make him sing, dance, bark etc.)

Pumpkin Buckets

This game is based on Bozo buckets, only use pumpkins that children use to collect candy on Halloween night. Use 5 or 6 buckets and place them in a line (front to back) and give children bean bags to try to toss into each pumpkin beginning with the closest pumpkin.

Materials: – One large mason jar or bucket – several bleached chicken bones-or- plastic if desired

Have the children stand about 3 to 6 feet away (depending on age) from the jar/bucket. They then have to try to toss the bones into the bucket/jar. Great for hand-eye coordination and judgment of distance.

Eyeball Mini Putt

A great Halloween indoor/outdoor game. *great for hand-eye co-ordination Materials: – a dozen or so of those novelty eyeballs *can be found at most novelty stores – a few plastic golf clubs – shoe boxes or milk containers

Decorate the boxes or containers in a festive deco and cut out a large enough entrance/exit to allow the balls to pass through. Then just set up a miniature golf course inside or outside. *sandboxes work great to create a challenging course.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.