Gingerbread Science Activities

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Gingerbread Science Activities

Gingerbread Science Activities for preschool through second grade.

Find a pattern of a ginger bread person. Trace onto sandpaper. When they are cut out have children take a cinnamon stick and rub against ginger bread person. This activity explores many of their senses.

Discuss with the children why the ginger bread man was afraid to get wet. Provide a variety of materials that dissolve-packing peanuts, sugar cube, pudding mix etc. and some that do not dissolve. allow the children experiment with the materials.

Make large ginger bread and small gingerbread children. Using a primary balance find out: 1. How many marbles a ginger bread boy weighs. 2. How many little ginger bread boys can balance a big ginger bread boy. 3. Take a guess which way the balance will move when an object is put in the other pan…. use a variety of materials and decide which is heavier than the gingerbread boy and which is lighter.


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