Germ Science

Using a funnel, dump some confetti to an unblown balloon before demonstrating this to the kids. Talk to the children about germs and how important it is to cover your mouth when you sneeze. As a group, have everyone pretend that they are going to sneeze (Ah, ah, ah, CHOO!), making sure that everyone covers their mouth as they sneeze. Now explain that you are going to show them what happens when you don’t cover your mouth when you sneeze. Blow up the balloon, as the children say “Ah, ah, ah”; when you get to the “Choo” part, let go of the balloon. It will deflate, flying through the air with the confetti spilling every where. Explain to the children that the confetti represents germs, and that when we don’t cover our mouths when we sneeze, our germs are flying everywhere.

When we were discussing germs, I covered a straw with glue and rolled it in glitter. On the carpet, I told the class that I had not been feeling well, and pretended to sneeze in the straw. I showed them all of the germs that just went on my straw and we discussed covering our mouths.
We discussed how germs can be passed on your hands if you not wash them after you sneeze, or cough. I handed one of the students my straw. After he handed it back to me I told him to look at his hand. The glitter had rubbed off. I told him he had my giggle germs, and tickled him. We passed the straw around the class and I tickled each child. A surprise bonus was the they had to wash their hands pretty thoroughly to remove the glitter so it was good practice.


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