Germ Art

Paper plate with face, construction paper hand and a tissue. glue the tissue over the nose and mouth and the hand over the tissue.

materials: paper plate, strips of construction paper, a piece of tissue paper what to do: have the children draw a face on their paper plate, glue or tape on the strips of construction paper for arms and legs. At the end of one arm glue on a square piece of tissue. This is for covering their persons mouth. Talk about when you sneeze or cough – you are to cover your mouth so we don’t spread our germs. My preschoolers just loved this and afterwards my Kleenex box was used frequently.


Materials: white paper, water liquid dish soap, food coloring, straws, dish basin What to do: draw a large hand on to the white paper. In the basin add the soap and food coloring to the water. Have the children blow using straws to make bubbles then have the children place their hand over the bubbles. Talk about how and why we have to get rid of germs.

Trace the childs hands and help them to cut out. Then we spread glue on one, then put a tissue in between. Then we matched the other hand on top. Gave us a great opportunity to go over nose-blowing skills in our 3-5 class!



  • ehicks212 October 4, 2016 at 11:26 am Reply

    Every year when we learn about germs, I do a project where we make our own germs using paper, glue, and glitter. I give every child a “germ shaped” piece of paper and a bottle of glue. They are able to practice their fine motor skills and glue moderation by making their own dots and lines of glue on their paper. After they finished with the glue they get to shake on glitter to make their glittery germ. After we finished the art aspect, the project becomes a science lesson. We look at the glitter on our hands and see how everything we touch also has glitter on it. Then we wash our hands and notice that no matter how much we wash them, some of the glitter stills tries really hard to stick to our hands, just like germs! It helps kids to understand the way germs travel and the importance of washing hands when they have a fun visual aid.

    • daym October 4, 2016 at 4:25 pm Reply

      Awesome idea! Thanks ehicks.

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