Germ Art

After showing pictures of what real germs look like to your kids, have them draw their own original germs. Make sure to give them names!

Here is a cute art project that I have done with 4-year-olds.

Materials needed for each child:

*a sheet of construction paper, any color *an oval and a tracing of the child’s hand, both made with multicultural construction paper *yarn the color and length of the child’s hair *googly eyes *a tissue *glue

Glue the oval to the center of the sheet of construction paper. Then decorate it to look like the child using the yarn and googly eyes. Glue the tissue over the spot where the nose and mouth would be, and then glue the hand on top of the tissue. You can use these with a bulletin board that says “Please cover your sneeze!”, or write this phrase on each paper.

Germ filled hand

Trace child’s hand twice, have them cut them out. Then place small monster looking stickers (germs) to one of them. Keep the other one (clean) then put on a paper with the Heading Hand washing Before and After

You need baking flour to do this project. Place flour in a bowl and have children dip their hands in it until they have a bunch of flour on their hands. Next, have children take turns shaking hands and or touching friends and objects. As they do this they will notice that every time they touch something, some of the flour falls of or transfers to what they touched. Discuss germs, how they get passed and what they do to us. Finally, have the children wash their hands. Talk about how the flour comes off and how there is seemingly always some flour left on their hands. This is a good project to demonstrate the transference of germs.

Glue a big round circle on a piece of construction paper for a head. Make the eyes, nose, ears, hair, and mouth. Have the children trace around their hand and cut it out. Put a tissue in the hand and over the mouth as if the hand were holding the tissue to the mouth to sneeze. Title: Cover that sneeze please!



  • ehicks212 October 4, 2016 at 11:26 am Reply

    Every year when we learn about germs, I do a project where we make our own germs using paper, glue, and glitter. I give every child a “germ shaped” piece of paper and a bottle of glue. They are able to practice their fine motor skills and glue moderation by making their own dots and lines of glue on their paper. After they finished with the glue they get to shake on glitter to make their glittery germ. After we finished the art aspect, the project becomes a science lesson. We look at the glitter on our hands and see how everything we touch also has glitter on it. Then we wash our hands and notice that no matter how much we wash them, some of the glitter stills tries really hard to stick to our hands, just like germs! It helps kids to understand the way germs travel and the importance of washing hands when they have a fun visual aid.

    • daym October 4, 2016 at 4:25 pm Reply

      Awesome idea! Thanks ehicks.

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