Germ Art

Have children draw a face on a paper plate (Let younger children glue on facial features cut from magazines). Then trace their hand and cut out. Glue a tissue over the nose and mouth of the face, then glue their handprint on top. Then print out the following poem and glue to the front or back:

Cover up all

coughs and sneezes,

And you will help

To stop diseases.

Save dryer lint to make a big germ. Add some glitter and small pieces of different color yarn. Glue it all onto a small paper plate or construction paper. For a final touch add googly eyes. This idea was initiated by a teacher I worked in the past.

We make sneeze pictures to illustrate how germs spread when you do not cover your mouth when sneezing. Take a piece of white construction paper, fill a water bottle with colored water and let the children spray away. We have the children “fake sneeze” as they are spraying their pictures. They love this activity and talk about it for quite some time.

Glue a big round circle to a piece of construction paper and let the children draw a face on it. Have them trace around their hand and cut it out. glue the hand holding a Kleenex over the mouth on the face they drew. Entitle the art work “Cover That Sneeze Please!”

Sneezing: Children trace and cut a large circle and their hands on flesh colored construction paper. Glue circle onto colored paper add wiggly eyes and draw a nose. Glue a tissue to where the mouth is extending tissue a little above and below. Glue hands over tissue to stop the germs from spreading.



  • ehicks212 October 4, 2016 at 11:26 am Reply

    Every year when we learn about germs, I do a project where we make our own germs using paper, glue, and glitter. I give every child a “germ shaped” piece of paper and a bottle of glue. They are able to practice their fine motor skills and glue moderation by making their own dots and lines of glue on their paper. After they finished with the glue they get to shake on glitter to make their glittery germ. After we finished the art aspect, the project becomes a science lesson. We look at the glitter on our hands and see how everything we touch also has glitter on it. Then we wash our hands and notice that no matter how much we wash them, some of the glitter stills tries really hard to stick to our hands, just like germs! It helps kids to understand the way germs travel and the importance of washing hands when they have a fun visual aid.

    • daym October 4, 2016 at 4:25 pm Reply

      Awesome idea! Thanks ehicks.

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