Gardening Art

I own a daycare and we had our first open house last month. our theme for the month was Gardening, because all the parents came different times, we set up all the center for the children to go to and play with there parents. the children baked cookies the day before and we had our lunch table set up with everything to deco and eat them with there parents. of course the cookies were of flowers and vegies. The parents really had a good time and they all got to know each other.

Reusable Worm Art

You need: coarse sandpaper & yarn in various colors and lengths.

Stick the yarn to the sandpaper making a design. It can then be pulled off and redone. When finished place each child’s paper and yarn in a Ziploc bag with a note to parents that it makes a wonderful traveling activity.

Cut various sized circles of green construction paper. Try to use 2 different shades of green. Alternating sizes and shades, glue circles together using same center point and overlapping slightly. Should look like a 3D lettuce for your bulletin “garden”.

First, I had someone draw vegetables and I photocopied them on white paper. The children then painted 5 or so different vegetables. After the paint dried I attached them to craft/popsicle sticks. The children then “planted” their vegetable in the “garden”. (The garden consisted of a tuperware container filled with potting soil.)You could use your sensory table, but I needed to be able to put our garden away because of the age I teach. We surrounded the container with a construction paper picket fence and put a sign up -“Welcome to our garden!” My toddlers and twos loved this project!

After reading “Planting a Rainbow,” supply various sizes of coffee filters, liquid watercolors and pipettes. Children can cut our flower shapes from the filters. Using pipettes, the children will squeeze colors onto the filters. They are excited to see how the colors travel. While they are drying, have the children cut stems and leaves. They then glue these to the coffee filters. Make a mural from these flowers. Children may add a sun, soil, etc. with markers. Please note: Be sure to put a lot of newspapers on the table.

Craft: 3-D Flowers
make flowers using 2 paper cupcake liners and 1 popsicle stick painted green on both sides (I pre-paint the stick.) glue a flattened or slightly flattened cupcake liner to each side of the popsicle stick, glue a yellow or black circle to the center of each liner.


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