Friendship Songs

Here is a song we sing at the beginning of the year and when a new child comes into our classroom.

Friends friends 1 2 3 all my friends are here with me. You’re my friend You’re my friend You’re my friend Friends Friends 1 2 3 all my friends are here with me.

Amigos Amigos todos mis amigos estan aqui. tu eres mi amigo tu eres mi amiga tu eres mi amigo Amigos amigos uno dos tres todos mis amigos estan aqui.

A Bilingual Preschool Song, that teaches children about friendship and name recognition

FRIENDS-AMIGOS SONG During circle time we start by greeting each other with this song. (child’s name) is mi amigo, (child’s name) is mi amigo, (child’s name) is mi amigo, (child’s name) is my FRIEND. Go around circle so that all children greet each other; to extend this song to movement each child call can either clap, jump) as the entire group sings their name. I teach both Spanish and English only speaking children, and the English-speaking children love to hear the word amigos-friends. We later talk about what do friends do: Children respond, We don’t fight, we share our toys and computer. We talk things out.

This is a song I made up to introduce a new group of children to each other. Each child comes to sit on teacher’s lap to sing if they wish. We sing it every morning until the children learn each others names. We also sing it if we have a new student in our class, or someone just comes to visit.

My name is _______, How do you do? I’ll be you friend, You’ll be mine too!

I also use Polaroid photos of each child, hold each photo up and ask the class, “who is this little boy/girl?” Later in the year, I use the photos to take attendance. I ask, “Is Cody here today?”,etc. and make two piles of photos, those who are here and those who are not. Then we count together to see how many are here.

Sung to the tune Mary had a little lamb

Will you meet a friend of mine? Friend of mine? Friend of mine? Will you meet a friend of mine? This is my friend _____________.

Sung to the tune of BINGO

I have a very special friend and Can you guess her name-o J_U_L_I_E J_U_L_I_E_ J_U_L_I_E_ And Julie is her name-o

Insert each child’s name as you sing this song. This is also a great transition song for going outside or leaving group time..


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