Friendship Songs

This game helps children learn to identify their names and their classmates names. Put every child’s name in a box. Sing: Here we go round the friendship circle, the friendship circle, the friendship circle. Here we go round the friendship circle with my friend_______. Then pull out a name from the box. Don’t say anything and let the child who’s name it is say it’s me. The other’s will learn to identify the other children’s names too. Do this until every name is called.

The Name Song There is a school that has a boy/girl and _____ is his/her name. I like _____, you like _____, we all like _____. Stand up and take a bow. (the child named stands up and takes a bow)

We have used this as the close to the musical portion of our preschool graduation as well as dismissing children from group to another activity.

I use this for circle time. We sing the song “He’s got the whole world in His hands”…But we use a a friends name…He got Jacob in His hand…He got Jacob in His hand …so on and so on. Go around the circle till you sing all the children’s names.

A little song to welcome everyone to group time.

Hello friends, kiora friends, how are you today,
Hello _ _ _ _, kiora _ _ _ _ , how are you today.

Everyone sits in a circle, the teacher holds a ball and repeats this song as she rolls the ball to each member of the circle.

Roll the ball to you
Roll it back again
What’s your name?
We’re very glad you came.


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