Friendship Art

Friendship Quilt:Give each child a large size piece of construction paper. Put out pop-palms, glitter, buttons, foam pieces, pictures, or anything else you would like, and let them decorate the paper any way they want. Have them place their name on the paper. Hang it in a quilt pattern on your bulletin board and label it, Make new friends and keep the old… It’s a wonderful way to show off the children’s individuality.

Give each child a 12inch by 12inch piece of construction paper. Put out some beautiful junk ( yarn tissue paper sequins cotton balls ‘ you get the idea ) Let the children create their own square for a FRIENDSHIP QUILT. When all is dry, connect the squares together and display for everyone to see. Mine will hang in the classroom for almost the whole year. It is remarkable how the children will continue to talk about it for a long time. At the end of the year I cut it apart and send the squares home.


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