Friendship Art

I pair up the children to color in a “person shape” to look like their friend (their partner). We talk about taking notice of eye color, hair color, what color clothes and designs on clothes etc. We write “Jack by Jill” for example on the top. These go on a Bulletin Board and the kids love looking at them.

I titled a very large piece of cardex ‘A Friendship Collage’ and on the collage table I put a selection of items such a ribbon, feathers, colored match sticks, colored paper offcuts, confetti etc. Then children were asked to come in pairs and choose 5 items each to make a collage together on a designated area of the cardex. I then put the children’s names beside their piece of the creation and when it was finished hung it on the wall. The children enjoyed doing it and love to show their parents.

Friendship Tree: Teacher draws a tree trunk with branches using brown cardboard/paper and pastes it up on a board/wall. Then, each child uses paper of various shades of green, to cut into a shape of a leaf. Each child pastes their photograph on it and is guided to write a quote about friendship (i.e. Friends play toys together) on the leaf. They can decorate it by adding glitter, etc. Then, the leaves are pasted onto the tree.

For friendship week I like to buy nylon or cloth zippers and have children decorate them with fabric paint or markers or sequence or what ever, then place circles of Velcro (what did we ever do before Velcro that can zip together signifying their friendship !

have the children place their handprints on a large piece of fabric or paper in a circular shape to create a friendship wreath. Then have the children decorate it with ribbons and other decorative items. Then display it on the wall.

Friendship bracelets – use pony beads and the thin elastic. Have the kids make 2 bracelets one for themselves and one to share with a friend. Autograph books – use construction paper for the cover and white paper in the middle. Have the kids autograph each others books. And of course the teachers should add a special note for each child in their autograph books.


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